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Holiday & Year-Round Lighting Designers

Let Our Professional Holiday and
Event Decorators take the
Hassle Out of Your Holidays!

Professional  Lighting Installation Services

Christmas Light Installation
& Interior Holiday Decorating

For the perfect holiday lighting display, our Christmas Light Installation Service is the answer! Not only do we hang Christmas lights, but we offer so much more! Our service includes design consultation, lighting installation, proactive maintenance, timely take-down, and storage of lighting, décor, and components. We also specialize in interior holiday decorating, offering a complete selection of festive lighting solutions and charming holiday decorations to create a magical atmosphere for your home, business, or public spaces.

Landscape Lighting, Pool & Patio Lighting, & Bistro Lighting

We excel at providing the best landscape and outdoor lighting design and installation in the Brantford, Ontario area. Our products are manufactured using commercial-grade, high-quality materials, and are tested and certified to withstand various environmental conditions. All of our products come with warranties, and our guaranteed service plans make our installation and maintenance services second to none. Talk to us about how we can design a display that will enhance your property's safety, beauty, and ambiance.


Our permanent outdoor lighting installation services are an unbeatable combination of convenience, beauty, and energy efficiency. We also specialize in app-based smart lighting and custom decorative outdoor lighting solutions, We carry Decor Smart, PermaLites365, and Twinkly Pro products, all advanced commercial-grade durable lighting solutions, Our outdoor lighting products and services come with warranties and maintenance plans included to keep your displays functioning for the life of your property.

tent lighting wedding.jpg

We provide a wide range of lighting options for weddings and special events. We love creating beautiful, custom wedding lighting designs that set the perfect atmosphere for you and your guests. We also provide specialty products & displays, and professional decorative lighting for any occasion, including corporate events, private parties & functions, conferences, and more. Additionally, we perform large-scale lighting projects for music venues and sports arenas like stadiums & concert halls. We are the best lighting installers around!

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