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Timely Takedown

It’s a sad fact to face, but every year the holiday season draws to a close. Exactly when to take down holiday lighting and displays is up to every client’s personal preference. Some want holiday decorations removed right away, while others may prefer to keep everything up a little longer.

No matter when you choose to have the season’s lighting and displays taken down, our professional crews will come back and carefully remove all decorations in the same expert fashion that you enjoyed when they first installed them.


The Benefits

  • Expert removal of all lighting and displays, without damage to product or property.

  • Professional packing of all decorations for safe keeping.

  • Off-site storage, which avoids taking up space in your garage, storeroom or attic.

Design Mapping & Redesigns

Each year, we will refer to our custom design map for your property to reinstall your holiday lighting displays. Alternatively, you can request a new design and our creative team will work closely with you to create a new layout that will delight everyone next year. The choice is yours!

Design Consultation

We offer free design consultations for all of
our services.

Complete Installation

We hang Christmas lights & decorations, and you enjoy the result!

Proactive Maintenance

Comprehensive maintenance is provided for all products.

Year-Round Storage

We store your decorations, lights, and components.

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